Use Dynamics symbol in D365 FO controls

While developing business requirements, we can face specific technical scenarios as adding new visuals within standard controls.

In Dynamics 365 For Finance and Operations we have multiple choices to manipulate different controls based on the needed or required user interaction with page controls.

In this post i will share the example of manipulating a Grid , which is the most used control to show, filter and make CRUD data operations . and how to add conditional data column with an associated icon to represent status Indicator of BusinessEvents module

Dynamics symbol updates

Microsoft provides a new list after each new release, an updated document with all Dynamics Symbols used in Dynamics 365 For Finance and Operations product.

These symbols are primarily used by buttons, tiles, and image controls.


links below list available symbols used in last two 32 & 33 updates.

(2020 April) Dynamics symbol font Version: 10.0.9 / Platform update 33

(2020 May) Dynamics symbol font Version: 10.0.10 / Platform update 34

Dynamics symbol supported controls

  • Navigation Bar
  • Navigation Pane
  • Action Panes / Toobars
  • Action Pane fly-outs
  • Grids
  • Tiles
  • Cards
  • Buttons

Dynamics symbol in grid control

In quick steps, i will use Grid control as an example to add a grid status Indicator icon.

  • Prepare the Form  :

I have just Added the BusinessEventsTable DataSource, my FormGridControl is ready now with FormImageControl


  • Prepare the Class :

I will create a new extension class of BusinessEventsTable, and then add a new Display method,The extended table contains the list of all business events which exist in the system. Its primary key is the BusinessEventId which uniquely idenfies a business event, Here i will just categorize them by an associated icon for each record if it’s an Accounts receivable or Master Planning module ,  as follow :


Call the display method,


Here is my icons  🙂


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