Microsoft Bot: The Changing Face of Dynamics365


It’s pretty fantastic time in history because for the first time with Bot technology we can actually use communication as a platform to interact with applications, So that means we no longer need specific UI or specific screens with fields and columns to get data into or out of applications, because today applications can understands natural language, So in order to interact, you can actually communicate with an application as your colleague.

Now this opens up new possibilities, and offer a huge business opportunity to partners to deliver a great UX to customers ans users.

At Build Conference 2016, Microsoft introduced the Microsoft Bot Framework, stating that it provides « everything you need to build and connect your bots to your users wherever they converse – from SMS to Office 365 mail to Slack and more. »

A new cloud service and Bot Builder SDK that can be integrated with Dynamics365, by using a single API to develop a bot which connects and talks to users through many different channels.

Today Bots can be the next changing face of Dynamics365 by helping partners to be more flexible to adopt new business scenarios, and adopt the right bot strategy for their customers.. that’s mean with a bit of creativity we can see how can Microsoft Bot can be used to manage internal complex workflow process or managing customers data with just simple words.

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